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Have a plant at home that is pot bound or needs some TLC?  Bring us your houseplants or orchids for repotting, pruning and fertilizing.


Potting Service


Fees: includes all materials

Pricing (based on the size of the pot the plant WILL be potted TO):

Pots 6” in diameter and under - $10

Pots over 6” in diameter - $15

Custom Repotting or arrangement -$20

Sorry, we cannot re-pot plants in a pot larger than 10” in diameter.

How to make an appointment

Call our shop at 936.597.4626. Someone will be available to discuss the best time to bring in your plants and to answer any questions you might have.

We are not responsible for the care of plants left at our store for longer periods of time. Due to limitations on space, plants left over a week could be composted.